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Limited Unit of Flagship VAIO® Z Mobile PC Premium Edition That Embodies “VAIO® Craftsmanship” Available in KACHI-IRO SPECIAL EDITION


To commemorate the 7th anniversary VAIO Corporation, we proudly introduce the supreme VAIO® Z | KACHI-IRO SPECIAL EDITION at limited quantity.

VAIO® Z is the world's first* successful mass-produced 3D molded, carbon fiber laptop with the Uni-direction carbon fiber. As VAIO's supreme model, VAIO® Z offers exceptional speed, stamina, and robustness, despite its ultra-light weight.

This “KACHI-IRO SPECIAL EDITION” uses a specially formulated Kachi-iro transparent paint that maximizes the beauty of the unique fiber grain of the 3-D molded full carbon fiber body, a symbol of VAIO's craftsmanship, to create a glossy luster reminiscent of lacquerware.

You can also take advantage of features and capabilities exclusive to this model, such as the latest 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor and the groundbreaking AI Noise Cancelling Technology. By reducing the environmental noise, clear voice can be delivered to the recipient and vice versa.

VAIO's corporate color is deep and dark indigo. In ancient Japan, this color was called "Kachiiro". It symbolizes fortune, luck and victory. Legend holds that their favored the hue because it led to “kachi”, or “victory”, so they referred to the hue of their indigo-dyed wear as “Kachi-iro”, “the color of victory”.  VAIO® Z is striving to be the best companion that can strongly back-up users' unique challenges by providing the best mobile PC experience possible today.



1.      The KACHI-IRO Special Edition maximizes the appeal of the 3D molded full carbon fiber body.

·       The golden logo plate and ornamentation has a special Kachi-iro color coating that brings out the best of the fiber grains.

·       It comes with a dedicated cleaning cloth, dyed with the Kachi-iro colors.

2.      Updated functionality and performance to provide a highly productive mobile PC experience

·       Equipped with the latest high-performance processor Intel® Core i7-11390H    

·       Includes the groundbreaking AI Noise Canceling Technology that removes only the environmental noise, which interferes with online communication. It delivers crystal clear, audible voice to other parties, and allowing you to hear the voice of the other parties clearly

·       Has the latest Windows 11 OS pre-installed

*Uses 3-D molded carbon continuous fiber material on all surfaces that make up the notebook PC chassis.

According to investigation by Stella Associa as of January 6, 2021.