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NEW VAIO® SX14: More Powerful and Elegant Design for Individuals



NEW VAIO® SX14, a flagship model for individuals, which have a completely redesigned chassis, and have evolved to become more powerful and elegant.



This is a laptop that inherits the supreme model
 VAIO® Z, and provides an alternative to our fans and consumers


The new models inherit the features and design of the supreme model VAIO® Z, and have dramatically improved the features and performance from the previous VAIO® SX14, while retaining its compact in size, light in weight, and robustness.

While it is robust enough to pass the 127cm drop test, it also features a newly developed 3-D molded carbon fiber cover for a sophisticated appearance and a wide variety of colors are available to inspire users. In addition, it has a high-stamina battery that extends its continuous operation hours*, as well as the unique features such as AI Noise Canceling Technology for clear voice and video chatting, and a FHD touch panel display, which frees users from the constraints of time and place, and is particularly suited to the diversified lifestyles of today.


Key Features Highlight

1.      While the size and weight are unchanged, the new design delivers speed, stamina, and robustness.

-        Newly-developed 3D molded carbon fiber cover and ornamentation in a wide variety of colors

-        The new high-capacity battery and low power-consumption display panel combine to offer an outstanding operation time for all day*. 

-        Powered by an 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor etc.

2.      No restrictions on time or location. Has various features that fit the usage of the age to come

-        VAIO original features, such as AI Noise Canceling Technology and VAIO® User Sensing etc.

-        Touch-enabled display and keyboard designed in minute detail

-        Convenient interface support, including USB Type-C™ connector with Thunderbolt™ 4 connectivity etc.


Based on VAIO engineering. Actual performance may vary considerably based on hardware configuration, software, power management settings, environmental conditions, wireless connectivity and other factors. When FHD is selected, the battery life is about 15.5 hours, while if FHD Touch is selected, the battery life is about 13.5 hours. Maximum battery capacity will normally decrease with time and use.





As a premium edition, this series will also feature the highly popular ALL BLACK EDITION, which focuses on being "black" and having "high performance".

The new "ALL BLACK EDITION" finishing makes the most of its material and shape characteristics, such as the special black paint that allows you to enjoy the texture derived from the carbon material, and the gunmetal ornamentation that attracts your eyes with its different shape and the way it shines.


This Premium Edition model will be available in a deep and dark indigo, VAIO's corporate color, which was once called "Kachi-iro", a color of good fortune.

The new design expresses the dignified "Kachi-iro" with textures and color tones that match the new design. The palm rest, for example, is made of high-brightness aluminum material that has a strong sense of brilliance, giving it a deep glow. The 3-D molded carbon fiber cover, which symbolizes the new design, is painted with a proprietary toned Kachi-iro paint and a margin level of pearl powder, giving it a high quality, matte texture.