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Due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the service center will adjust the operation time or temporarily shut down for the time being. The adjustment will be subjected to local regulations and will be updated as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Service Center
Town Bantow, Adjacent to Indusind Bank,P.O.: Khelmati, North Lakhimpur
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

1st Floor Allahabad Bank Building
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

VIP Road, New Link Road, ADC Colony, Rongpur Part - III, Silchar
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

1ST FLOOR, 15-306, BSRR COMPLEX, INDIRA BHAVAN ROAD, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, 524001
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

Pulimoottil trade center,,Mullakkal, Alleppy - 688011 Alappuzha
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

14/157J,14/157K/14/157L, GROUND FLOOR, EXCEL TOWERS, CG BYPASS, MANJERI, Malappuram, Kerala, 676121,
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

1st Floor, Grand Hotel Complex,?HS Road, Dibrugarh, Assam -786001
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

27, Ground Floor, Abbas Building C Wing, Jalbhoy Street, Girgaon, Grant Road,Mumbai-400004
09.30AM - 6.30PM (MON - SAT)

Warranty Extension Service is available now
Thanks for the valuable suggestion from our customers. You can purchase the newly launched “Warranty Extension Service” online now. You may choose to extend 1 or 2 years to enjoy our worry-free warranty service.
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Nexstgo Company limited, (hereinafter referred to as "NEXSTGO") Warranty Terms VAIO Notebook Computer Limited Hardware Warranty (Applicable to VAIO series only)

  1. NEXSTGO provides customers with 24-month of onsite warranty (including labor and parts costs).
  2. This warranty includes a 12-month Onsite battery warranty service (from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice).
  3. This warranty includes a 12-month Onsite power adaptor warranty service (from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice).
  4. The notebook computer shall be confirmed by the repair center within seven days from the invoice date that the defective LCD screen is included (except for exhibits). According to the following standards, if the total number of defective pixels is more than five, the packaging and accessories are complete, and the invoice can be obtained from the original dealer Replace with new products.
  5. The notebook computer shall be confirmed by the repair center within seven days from the invoice date that it contains hardware failures (except for the exhibits), the packaging and accessories are complete, and the original purchaser can be replaced with new products with the invoice.
  6. When customers request warranty service, they must first show the original receipt (or serial number) of the computer purchased to the NEXSTGO service staff. Photocopy or fax copy will not be accepted. If you fail to show it, the customer will have to pay for the repair. If the customer cannot provide the original receipt (or serial number) of the computer purchased, NEXSTGO reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the customer.
  7. Customers bring their own warranty service. If the customer requests to ship and recover the computer, the customer is responsible for the required shipping costs.
  8. This warranty only includes hardware warranty service. All configurations and accessories, such as software, computer cables, power cords, CDs, and user guides, are not included in the warranty service.
  9. NEXSTGO is not responsible for reinstalling the preloaded software. If the customer requests to reinstall the pre-loaded software service, the service fee must be paid to NEXSTGO.
  10. This warranty service is only provided to NEXSTGO technicians who judged that it is damaged under normal operation. If the computer fails due to the following accidents, NEXSTGO will not be responsible for the following:
    1. If the product failure is due to any damage or accidental damage, case/surface damage, improper use or abuse, liquid intrusion or immersion, negligence, misuse, unauthorized modification, extreme environment, extreme physical or electrical external force or interference , Power supply, lightning, static electricity, fire, force majeure or other external reasons;
    2. If the computer, including software and hardware, has been modified, processed and/or repaired by technicians other than our company;
    3. If the product number attached to the product has been deleted or removed;
  11. NEXSTGO may use new or refurbished parts or products with performance and reliability equivalent to repairing customers' products.
  12. Damaged parts that have been replaced belong to NEXSTGO.
  13. Before repairing, customers need to save and back up the contents of the computer by themselves. NEXSTGO does not provide backup services.
  14. During maintenance, the contents of the computer may be deleted. NEXSTGO will not notify customers in advance, and NEXSTGO will not be responsible for any loss of data or programs.
  15. For details of maintenance services, please refer to the maintenance terms and conditions.

Linked Warranty Plan

*Regions include: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Middle East countries

  1. Linked Warranty Plan enables customers who travel with, or relocate VAIO laptop to receive warranty service in any region where their product is announced and sold and supported by Nexstgo or a Nexstgo authorized reseller under Nexstgo Computer Limited Warranty and/or the destination region Warranty Services Agreement.
  2. The length of Linked Warranty Plan is based upon the original warranty period assigned in the region of origin where the laptop was first sold by Nexstgo or a Nexstgo authorized reseller.
  3. The phone support languages and the method of service will be determined by the destination region. For customers who have on-site repair warranty, on-site service will be delivered where it is available.
  4. Some service and/or parts may not be available in all regions. Nexstgo or a Nexstgo authorized reseller may repair the laptop with comparable VAIO parts. For example, if the product was purchased with a Japanese keyboard, and service request is submitted in US, Nexstgo may replace with a US keyboard upon your agreement.
  5. Some regions may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of service such as packaging, shipping and handling fees. You will be advised of your responsibility to pay these fees at the time of service.
  6. For VAIO products, if a customer has purchased warranty extension in the original region of hardware purchase to extend the Nexstgo base warranty offered with a product, Linked Warranty Plan will provide coverage until the end of purchased warranty extension.
  • Specifications may vary from country to country. Check with your local distributors or retailers for any updates on the current product.
  • Colors of actual products may differ from product shots due to photography lighting or display setting of your viewing device.
  • We try our best to provide accurate and complete product information online yet we reserve the rights to keep, change or correct any information without further notice.
  • Data on battery life is obtained from tests deploying internal tools by engineers. The actual battery performances could vary from battery life tests shown above, due to differences in operating environment and conditions.